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Advanced Practice Procedures 


Advanced Practice Procedures was created to improve your medical education experience. We believe that education should be practical, fun, stress-free and affordable. Advanced Practice Procedures (APP) are on the forefront of training in medicine. Advanced Practice Procedures was created by PAs to provide real-world and up to date teaching on common procedures and clinical skills. 

Too often Physician Assistants (PA) only have physician led teaching which does not always correlate to their experience. We believe that PAs should be taught and trained by fellow PAs. Our goal is to make PAs procedurally competent to improve your practice experience and ultimately patient care. We know that your time is valuable, so that is why we offer a wide variety of training packages, including:  AHA ACLS/BLS/PALS Certifications, Ultrasound Training, Advanced Airway Training and much, much more!.

Compare us to other procedural companies and you will see that we beat out the competition in price and value.


“For PAs…by PAs!”


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You will find our presentations to be clear and concise without compromising quality. We keep our lectures brief to provide you with plenty of hands-on practice.


For our equipment, we use state of the art task-trainers provided by CAE Healthcare


Limbs and Things; the global leaders in medical training and education.


Our courses are aimed at teaching you practical procedures and clinical skills that are relevant to your employment. These courses are intended to improve the daily practice of PAs in the outpatient and inpatient setting.


Additionally, our AHA courses are taught in a manner that will enable the provider to actually perform and

lead the CODE when the time arrives.


Our promise to you, is that you will truly learn new skills (in a stress-free environment) that you will be comfortable using later.